Importance Of Backup

Technology has become an integral part of business operation nowadays. For instances, contracts, e-mails and accounting record are being stored in digital format more frequently. Therefore, it is essential for your business to backup these critical data to prevent data loss from malicious virus attack, natural disaster, hardware malfunction and human error etc. Thus, having your own data backup solution will not only give you peace of mind but also save you time and money to rebuild your data from scratch.

With Backup starting at £10 per month, isn’t it time you gave Beyond Networks a call?

Limited cost, unlimited protection

Once Beyond Backup is deployed on your machine, your invaluable data is protected against virus, theft, environmental impact, hardware failure, and accidental deletion, etc. While the cost of investing in Offsite data backup is limited, the value of critical business data it protects and the potential benefits you can derive from these data are enormous and unlimited. It is a highly useful product on which you can rely to safeguard your business interests and put your mind at ease at the maximum comfort level.

Why Online?

By backing up your data online you do not need to purchase expensive hardware such as tape drives and rely on a member of staff to change the back up tapes at regular intervals, our software allows you to fully automate your back up process with regular emails to update both our engineers and you about how the back up is running.
All data is encrypted to a high level and held in our secure data centres, so avoiding major disasters such as critical hardware failure, fire, theft or flood, but allowing you to retrieve your data simply.

Supported Systems

Beyond Backup supports all Windows Operating Systems and common databases including the following :
Desktop / Laptops
Windows 2000
Windows XP
Windows Vista
Windows 7

Windows Server
Windows Small Business Server
Microsoft Exchange
Microsoft SQL Server

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